About Us

BeShroomed Farms came into existence early 2023 to meet the community's demand for mushrooms as a sustainable food source and holistic medicine. Founder, James Washington is a long time advocate and user of mushrooms for medicine and exploration, having traveled around the world sharing the history and  proven benefits of mushroom usage.

Located in Detroit MI, BeShroomed Farms is Detroit's premier mushroom farm, producing both edible and medicinal mushrooms, as well as a wide range of mushroom products and mushroom apparel.

BeShroomed boasts its own brand of specialty mushroom coffee including Turkey Tail, Reishi and Lion's Mane blends.

Grow kits, sterile blocks, spawn bags and all things mushrooms are available at the BeShroomed location on Detroit's Eastside at 16555 Harper, Detroit MI 48224. Hours of operation are 7am-7pm Monday - Saturday.

Look forward to visiting us in-store, stay awhile and enjoy the vibe of our outdoor space, which is available for entertainment as well.